Series: Genesis

January 3rd – Scripture Reading & Prayer – Pastor Al Letkeman

January 10th – “Isaac & Rebekah: The dysfunction continues” Genesis 26:1-27:40- Pastor Al Letkeman

January 17th – “The Blessing and the Liar” Genesis 27:41-31:55 – Pastor Daren Redekopp

Tanner Owens Testimony (audio available upon request)

January 24th – “Jacob: The Discouraging yet Hopeful Story of You & Me” Genesis 32:1-33:17 -Pastor Al Letkeman

January 31st – “Membership Sunday” -Pastor Al Letkeman (audio available upon request)


Series: Genesis

February 7th – Michael & Rocky Beene

February 14th – “Jacob Returns to Bethel”  Genesis 34-36 – Pastor Ken Stoesz

February 21st – “The Dreamer & the Dreamless” Genesis 37-38 – Pastor Daren Redekopp

February 28th – “Joseph: A Story of God’s Sovereignty” Genesis 39-41- Pastor Al Letkeman (audio unavailable)


Series: Genesis

March 7th – Scripture Reading and Prayer – Pastor Al Letkeman

March 14th – “Joseph Meets His Betrayers” Genesis 42-47 – Pastor Daren Redekopp

March 21st – “Worship through the Eyes of Jacob & Joseph” Genesis 48-50 -Pastor Al Letkeman

March 28th – “The Fumes of Faith” Matthew 21:1-11 -David Zimmerman (audio unavailable)


Series: Living In The Kingdom

April 2nd – “Good Friday: Gazing Upon the Cross”  – Pastor Al Letkeman (audio unavailable)


April 4th – “Celebrating the Resurrection” – Pastor Al Letkeman

April 11th – “Scripture” – Pastor Daren Redekopp (audio unavailable)

April 25th – “Worship: John 4” – Pastor Al Letkeman


Series: Living In The Kingdom

May 2nd- “Prayer” – Pastor Al Letkeman

May 9th – “Preparing our Children for Their Last Breath” Psalm 78 – Pastor Al Letkeman

May 16th – “Evangelism, Street Preachers, Students & Stay at Home Moms” Matthew 28:18-20 – Pastor Ken Stoesz

May 23rd – “Experiencing God’s Pleasure” 1 Corinthians 10:31 – Pastor Al Letkeman

May 30th- “Living in the Kingdom is Living in a Love Song” – Pastor Daren Redekopp


Series: Living In The Kingdom

June 6th- “Unearthing the Treasure” – Pastor Al Letkeman

June 13th- “Freedom from Anxiety” Luke 12:22-34 – Pastor Al Letkeman

June 27th- Baptism & Membership  (audio available upon request)

Joel Braun, Darrel Cameron, Donna Cameron, Jeffrey Gaffray, Ed & Kathie Kroeker, Ian O’Brian, Jada Schellenberg, John Sellick, & Sean Whitehead.


Series: The Beauty Of Jesus

July 11th- “The Beauty of Jesus in the Resurrection” Luke 24:13-35 – Pastor Ken Stoesz

July 18th- “The One Who Serves, Forgives, and Restores” John 21:1-19 – Andy Porter

July 25th- “Eating from the Buffet that Never Runs Out” John 6 – Pastor Al Letkeman


Series: The Beauty Of Jesus

August 1st- “Reflecting on Day Camp” – Pastor Al Letkeman

August 8th- “The Resurrection and Life” – Dave Miller

August 15th- “The Most Troubling Words from the Most Beautiful Person”  – Pastor Daren Redekopp

August 22nd – “Understanding the Joy of Repentance” – Pastor Al Letkeman

August 29th- “Now You Don’t Know the Rest of the Story” – Pastor Al Letkeman


Series: The Beauty Of Jesus

September 5th- “Quiet, Hush Now. Go.” – Pastor Daren Redekopp

Series: The Book Of Revelation: The Unveiling

September 12th- “Picture Book, Not Puzzle Book” – Pastor Al Letkeman

September 19th-“No He’s not Safe, but He’s Good and He’s the King” – Pastor Al Letkeman

September 26th – “To the Church in Ephesus” – Pastor Al Letkeman


Series: The Book Of Revelation: The Unveiling

October 3rd – “To Smyrna” – Pastor Daren Redekopp

October 10th – “To the Church in Pergamum” – Pastor Al Letkeman

October 17th – “To the Church in Thyatira” – Pastor Al Letkeman

October 24th – “To the Church in Sardis” – Pastor Al Letkeman

October 31st – “To the Church in Philadelphia” – Pastor Al Letkeman


Series: The Book Of Revelation: The Unveiling

November 7th – “To Laodicea” – Pastor Daren Redekopp

November 14th – “The Center of our Worship – Revelation 4 & 5” – Pastor Al Letkeman

November 21st – “Centering Our Children Rightly” – Pastor Al Letkeman

Advent Series: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

November 28th – “Birth Pains – Matthew 24:1-35; Mark 13:1-31”


Advent Series: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

December 5th – “Expect God’s Patience” – Joe Gacheru

December 12th – “Expect Godlessness” – Pastor Al Letkeman

December 19th – “Expect a Changing Life” – Blake Richison

December 25th – Christmas Morning Celebration

December 26th – “Expect Complete Joy” – Pastor Al Letkeman

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