Training Episodes from Pastor Daren’s Blog


Training Episode 1: How Do You Get Respect?

Training Episode 2: Stand Firm In The Phalanx

Training Episode 3: Ponder Such Things

Song Episode 1: Who Is This Lady?

Song Episode 2: Kiss Her Like You Mean It

Song Episode 3: Tend To Your Smell

Song Episode 4: Lead Your Lady After You

Song Episode 5: Ladies, Show Him Your Desire

Song Episode 6: Follow Through On Your Smell

Song Episode 7: Your Beautiful Darkness 1

Song Episode 8: Your Beautiful Darkness 2

Song Episode 9: Become A Connoisseur

Song Episode 10: Six Ways, No Seven

Song Episode 11: Arrange An Oasis

Training Episode 4: The Story Of Sennacherib 1

Training Episode 5: The Story Of Sennacherib 2

Training Episode 6: The Story Of Sennacherib 3

Training Episode 7: The Story Of Sennacherib 4

Training Episode 8: Biblica Britannica

Training Episode 9: How To Face The End Like A Man

Training Episode 10: Beneath The Bond Between Luke The Evangelist And Norman Rockwell

Training Episode 11: Unearthing The Substance Of Manhood

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